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Professional Scrum Product Owner training

5 en 6 september

Many organizations nowadays use software to disrupt the market and create better services for their customers.
These software-driven organizations deal with a lot of challenges, change & complexity. This faster changing world asks for more agility & flexibility.
As a result, traditional development approaches are being replaced by empirical approaches, that are more fit to deal with these dilemmas.
Scrum is a framework that was built on empirical principles (sense, learn & respond fast).

The Product Owner

The Product Owner in Scrum is the person who is responsible for the creation of value.
He is the one who makes sure that customers and engineers work together on building valuable, high quality products.
Many organizations turn their Project\Product Manager into a Product Owner.
Although there is overlap and this seems like a logical thing to do, there are some huge differences between this traditional and new role.
Many organizations struggle or fail the implementation of Scrum, because they do not understand these differences.

The training

In this official accredited training people will learn how to get the best out of the role of Product Owner.
The training is a unique mix of theory & practice, optimized for the best learning experience.
Unlike many unofficial Scrum trainings, this is the official that helps you prepare for the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) certification.
While and Ron Eringa deliver the inspiring context for this role, Seats2Meet takes care of an inspiring location.

The trainer

As a trainer for (the organization of Ken Schwaber, who co-created Scrum) Ron Eringa has trained over 500 professionals in the last few years.
With 17 years of experience in software development, his passion and strength is creating leadership in all levels of the organisation.
He has worked for companies like Philips, ASML, TomTom, ANWB, CCV, Rabobank & Achmea.
Since October 2016 he became an entrepreneur as a trainer and consultant.

At the end of this training:

You are aware of the fundamental elements & principles to make Scrum successful
You have gained a deep understanding of the Scrum Framework
You are aware of the skills & responsibilities for being a good Product Owner
You have received several directly applicable, practical implementation-tips
You know the difference between traditional & Agile project\product management
You have gained knowledge about value driven product development
You know how to translate customer value\requirements into a Product Backlog
You know how to answer the ultimate stakeholder question (“When is it ready?”) in an Agile way
You are prepared for the certified “PSPO I”-assessment

Students will receive:

All original training slides from
A digital version of the official slide deck
The book “Scrum: A Pocket Guide” by Gunther Verheyen (PST trainer at
A notebook with printed illustrations of all flipcharts produced
After completion of the training: a code for an attempt to the PSPO I assessment
A 40% discount for an attempt on the “PSPO II”-assessment
Lunch during both training days

Target audience

The training may be interesting to all involved in developing products using the Scrum framework, but has been specifically conceived for those responsible over products from a business perspective and taking up the highly accountable role of Scrum Product Owner

What people say about this training

“Useful & good tempo”
“Good link to practical situation”
“Lots of new knowledge, combined with nice exercises”
“Dynamical, energetic. I learned a lot!”
“Good explanation of Scrum. I liked the game regarding Product Value.”
“Although there is a lot of theory to diges

Ron Eringa
Agile coach & trainer

Tel: +31683443538

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