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Our first success

Today we had our first assignment for our new start-up Talent Transmitter BV, with many thanks to Seats2Meet. Being a start up the flex space at Seats2meet at Strijp-S in Eindhoven is a very nice inspiring location. You’ll meet with other start-ups which are in the same exciting mode being new entrepreneurs.

You don’t know what you don’t know

Our first slogan is “You don’t know what you don’t know!!” and this is exactly what our first assignment is all about. The client, a high tech company, was in need for a specialism which was not available inside. So there were a few options for them to solve this. The first is to hire a new employee, train him thoroughly and he could do the job. This takes seriously a long time to have this new colleague on the desired knowledge level. Another option was given by Talent Transmitter. They found an experienced skilled professional which could do the job for them. A good agreement was set up and all will start in the near future.

Who are we?

Talent Transmitter is a resource of multi-disciplinary talents and who are able to solve problems in a broad range in the field of science and technology. With our own diverse background in Biotechnology, Immunology, Analytical Chemistry, Process Technology, Physics, we speak many “languages” and is a benefit for both the talent and the industry.
We are Mark van Lieshout and Mayuri Nalawade.


It is evident now that future technological breakthroughs are going to take a rise on boundaries of different disciplines. Which we better known as interdisciplinary boundaries. Right from artificial retinas, teeth regeneration, anti-aging drugs, advances in prosthetics to solar energy saving-power window are examples of innovations at interdisciplinary spaces.


The prerequisite to bring these cutting edge interdisciplinary innovations is the Talent, who has a diverse background in the field of science and technology.

A constructive bridge

In this scenario Talent Transmitter, as knowledge partners serves as a bridge to connect multidisciplinary talent and the unsolved R&D challenges. With our company Talent Transmitter we envision to fill that gap between the demanding industry and eager talents. Our multi-talented community brings you solutions for research quests. We are firm believers of empathy, transparency and agility. Being the knowledge partners we invest in talent development by providing education programs which eventually also benefits the company development.

Having read the above our catch line and mission is: “You don’t know what you don’t know!….And We change what you don’t know into what you know.”
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